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History of Monki

Monki is Swedish fashion chain that opened its first clothing store in Gothenberg.
Monki is still fairly small and only opened its doors outside Europe in 2015.
Now it has 115 stores and counting.

Style of Monki

Monki’ s style is very interesting. Some may even call it weird. H&M describes it as having the design DNA mixing Scandi cool and the energy of Asian street style. Which pretty much fits the bill.
When you enter the monki store you are greeted with colours, disco balls and Angel hair confetti hanging from the ceiling.
The outside of the store is an eye-catcher as well because the windows are lined with spotlights.


Personally I’d classify Monki as cheap. Because it really is..
Shirts often go for 10€ but if the design or material is different from standard they sometimes go up to 15€. It’s easy to score a skirt for 20€. Some things are expensive but this might be because the rest is so cheap. Denim jackets go for around 50€ and some maxi skirts for 30 or 40€.


But no worries because Monki has kickass sales. I think every month the stores have sale and I’m not sure if I’ve seen the web shop without sales. Examples: Dress from 35 to 15, skirt from 25 to 10. One time I really wanted a skirt but for 30 euros I didn’t dare to try it out for that price. BOOM, next week on sale for €8.

ECO friendly

Monki is also really ECO friendly. Their website is full of tips of how to take care of your energy bill AND your clothing.
Their denim is 100% organic cotton and they are trying to have their clothing made 100% from recycled cloth by 2030. And aim to only use cotton from sustainable resources by 2020.
All their stores also offer garment recycling and they don’t care if it’s not from their brand, they just want your old stuff.
Monki also chose to have independent suppliers instead of factories, making sure that producers are treated fairly and are paid are fair living wage.


Monki only uses Women as their models but their store is really open to other customers. They also have a page called #monkistyle where they feature everyone that made a Instagram picture of them wearing Monki. Guys are often featured.
Monki really wants to empower women and often has shirts with ‘You go girl’ or ‘Almighty girl’. It also had a mini collection that was all about embracing your period.
#NOFILTER, Monki doesn’t believe in heavy editing and leaves all the flaws of the models visible.
I also love that they use models of all sizes to display their clothing pieces.

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